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There is plenty of evidence to show that the use of colour can have a huge impact on how you feel, especially in your environment.

So, for instance, the colours on the walls in your workplace, won’t just create a particular impression to visitors but can also have a direct impact on how you feel too.

A well designed work environment can reduce workplace stress and improve performance metrics. Smart business owners are now implementing wellbeing strategies for the benefit of their customers, employees and colleagues.

Colour can affect the mental clarity and focus of anyone using a space. For example, in schools it could mean students or pupils find it difficult to concentrate or study. That’s why lots of education establishments are now looking at designing smarter spaces with plenty of calm distraction free zones

In a residential care home colour can severely affect how residents enjoy and navigate around their home. Compassionate care home managers know the importance of implementing considered design solutions to create a sense of community.

There is a growing interest for the design of spaces using holistic and biophilic design principles which can be beneficial across a wide range of environments including leisure and hospitality facilities, care organisations (including design for dementia), workplaces and education establishments. Some of the biggest names in the industry now  understand the need to create a professional and productive environment that’s beneficial to the people that work and visit there.

It fantastic to see companies, large and small, creating meaningful human spaces to the benefit of everyone involved.

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